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Say Hello to the Enterprise Search Team!

Feel free to contact us directly if you have a question which requires a specific skill set. Otherwise, you can use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to reach our group mailbox.

Cool Guy 6

ITCFP - Search Lounge Cadet

A former track star of olympic fame, Michael is now working to support our Google infrastructure. On full moons, Michael likes to eat an 18oz steak smothered in Havarti cheese. Ask him about codename: Porkjet.

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Cool Guy 7

ITCFP - Search Lounge Cadet

Best known for hacking Chrono Trigger to propose to his wife, Phill is an avid gamer and game developer. He is currently bending his development skills for the greater good of the Enterprise Search team. He also has the strength of a bear that has the strength of two bears.

Work Schedule insite email me!

Coming Soon!

IT Career Foundation Participant

Check back in January/June for new participants!